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holiday stress relief

Herbal Remedies for Holiday Stress Relief

Perhaps it is entirely possible to make it through the holidays without a bit of stress or worry. But I am not that optimistic. The reality is, whether you participate in the more consumer aspects of the holiday season or not, the holidays can be really, really stressful. Maybe it is the congested department stores,…

8 Things You Need to Know about Essential Oils

8 Things You Need to Know about Essential Oils

It may be an understatement to say that the internet is a bottomless well of misinformation, exaggerated claims, and outright falsehoods. In an age of social media and viral posts, such misleading tidbits get tossed around as truths and become accepted as viable material on which to base a decision. A popular topic entangled in this…

Rose Hips

6 Herbs for Cold and Flu Season

As the daylight hours shorten, we start to welcome the gifts of fall. Cool, crisp mornings, school year routines, cozy sweaters, and the aroma of wood smoke curling up from the chimney tops. Maybe an apple pie and a trip to the pumpkin patch, too… However, these autumnal delights carry with them a few nasty…