The Wild Remedies Guide to Cottonwood: A Free Ebook

Starting as fluffy encased seeds, cottonwoods quickly grow along riverbeds, forming a canopy of fluttering leaves while their roots fasten themselves to the soil. If you spend much time with it, you may find yourself swooning. Its handsome stature, graceful canopy, and evocative scent are cherished by many. Bees gather the resins for their hives, fish spawn among river drift logs, and deer forage the buds eagerly on the winter landscape.

Appearing from fall to late winter, the sticky, resinous buds of cottonwood (Populus spp.) make a powerful medicine that smells so heady it could become your favorite perfume.

With The Wild Remedies Guide to Cottonwood, you can learn about the many gifts of this tree. You’ll find out about it’s ecological and medicinal benefits, from healing wounds and relieving pain to supporting skin health. Rosalee and Emily will also show you how to identify and ethically harvest cottonwood.

Then, you’ll learn how to make cottonwood oil and salve. These recipes capture it’s alluring scent and can be used topically to heal scrapes or burns, as well as relieve the pain and tension of sore muscles. You can even use the moisturizing oil to protect and soothe your skin.

We hope you enjoy this special excerpt from Rosalee and Emily’s new book, Wild Remedies!


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