Discovering Violet Flowers: Free Herbal Activity Book

Our Learning Herbs team has put together a beautiful activity book for you and your children this holiday season, all about violets. With their heart-shaped leaves and beautiful flowers, violets can speak to us of the love and joy of this season. In this activity book you will have fun learning so much more about how violets can support your health!

I always look forward to discovering violet blossoms in my garden. It feels like a sign that spring has come at last! Violet flowers come in a variety of colors from blue to yellow to purple to orange or pink. They are a treat to behold amidst the early spring greens.

The kids and I love adding violet flowers and leaves to our spring salads, adding vitamin C and making it so much more fun to eat! We also love making candied violet flowers to decorate spring desserts.

But, for this activity book, I wanted to make sure to include some things you could do with dried violet flowers, since for many of us this time of year, the violet plants are under the snow. Luckily, we discovered that you can make watercolor paint from dried flowers and they can also be used to make violet tea and syrup.

Learning About the Characteristics & Benefits of Violet

When you dive into the activity book with your kids, you’ll learn some of the identifying characteristics of violet plants. You’ll also learn some ways that violet can help heal you, including soothing sore throats and helping to ease fevers. Some of these might surprise you!

Easy Violet Recipes for Kids

We’ve also included recipes for that violet flower tea and syrup I mentioned. These preparations can help with fevers, sore throats, and coughing. We added in the candied violet flower recipe even though you will have to wait until spring for fresh blossoms to try it out. They are just so pretty, we couldn’t resist adding this as a holiday treat.

Fun Activities with Violets for Kids

Inside the book you’ll find out how to use dried violet flowers to make watercolor paint. Kids can have fun creating holiday cards or decorations with this plant-based paint. Or perhaps they will want to use it on the coloring pages we’ve included, painting Viola, the violet fairy, or the petals of the violet plant.

We hope you enjoy solving the crossword puzzle as a family. This will help your kids learn some of the characteristics of and uses for violet while having fun completing the puzzle. For younger family members, we’ve included a dot-to-dot violet flower for them to complete.

As a special treat, we’ve also included a pattern for making a Viola paper doll. You’ll love dressing her in her special violet outfits!

Frequently Asked Questions About Violet

What are the health benefits of violet?

Violet flowers and leaves are high in vitamin C and the leaves also contain beta-carotenes. Violets are also high in antioxidant anthocyanins and rutin, which help support heart health.

Is violet good to eat daily?

Yes! Violets flowers and leaves are nutritious and can be eaten daily. Some species do have a high amount of saponins and can cause some stomach discomfort if eaten in large quantities, so go easy and listen to your body.

How do I use violets?

Fresh violet flowers and chopped leaves make a delicious addition to salads. Violets flowers and leaves can be made into tea, syrups, salves, or infused into vinegar. They can also be made into poultices for soothing and healing insect stings and bites.

Sharing the Gifts of Herbs

We hope you enjoy this special holiday gift from LearningHerbs. Print and share your Discovering Violet Flowers Activity Book as many times as you would like.

If you want to share your passion for herbs with the young people in your life in another fun way, consider Herb FairiesHerb Fairies is my herbal children’s book series and learning system. Herb Fairies is a fantastic way for kids to dive deep into learning herbs while having lots of fun. Perhaps your kids will enjoy sipping some violet flower tea while they read.

May we all stay healthy, warm, and nourished this winter!



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