HerbMentor Radio: Elizabeth Guthrie, The Trauma Informed Herbalist

Over the past few years, the term “trauma informed” has become a bit of a buzzword. But what does it actually mean to be trauma informed? And how can a trauma informed framework help us become better herbalists? In our latest episode of HerbMentor Radio, we’re joined by trauma informed herbalist Dr. Elizabeth Guthrie, who helps us answer these (and many more) questions.

Elizabeth is a wellness practitioner with a PhD in Natural Medicine with a specialization in Naturopathic Psychology and a Master’s of Public Health in Functional Nutrition. They are the best-selling author of The Trauma Informed Herbalist and hold multiple other certifications from conventional and traditional schools.

In our conversation with Elizabeth, they share…

  • What it means to be trauma informed
  • Their go-to herbs for supporting the trauma journey
  • Embodiment practices that can support the trauma journey
  • How their past work as a 911 operator informs their current work
  • And so much more!

You can learn more about Dr. Elizabeth Guthrie and check out their book The Trauma Informed Herbalist here.


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