John & Tara’s Herbal Guide for The Whole Year

Happy New Year! To welcome you into 2024, we decided to do things a little differently this month: we’re chatting just the two of us. You can consider this episode your herbal guide to the whole year.

Together we go season by season and share our favorite herbs and remedies to work with — and don’t worry, we only go on a few epic tangents along the way.

In this episode we share…

  • Why Tara is in love with hawthorn (wedding announcement will come shortly)
  • How to easily make garlic honey
  • How Oregon grape root saved Tara from having to postpone recent travel plans
  • And so much more!

And the best news? All of the recipes we mention in this episode can be found for free on our blog. Some of our favorites include this hawthorn cordial, calendula oil, and dandelion coffee.

Throughout our herbal guide, we also encourage you to resist the urgency urge to immediately go go go at the start of 2024 and give yourself permission to move with ease and slowness — the plants will be here all year long to support you.


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