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fall gardening tips

Grounding in the Garden: Fall Gardening Tips

Tending a garden and making herbal remedies from plants you cultivated is a great way to gracefully transition with the seasons. As we move into fall, the sun becomes less intense and the night sky starts to arrive sooner, a symmetry of light and dark. Leaves are starting to fall on the ground and soon growth energy will be focused on root development. To help you live in harmony with the season, here are my fall gardening tips, plus five healing plants to grow.

How to Strain Tinctures

How to Strain Tinctures: 2 Easy Ways

So you’ve made an herbal tincture. Your flowers, leaves, roots, or other herbs have been macerating in a jar for several weeks, infusing the alcohol with their medicine. Now it’s time to strain those botanicals. What’s the best method? We have two simple ways to show you how to strain tinctures.

Grow an Endless Supply of Herbs from Cuttings

From a scattering of basil on healthy greens pizza to a handful of mint in a pitcher of iced tea, fresh herbs make our meals shine. More than just garnish, herbs like basil and mint provide a punch of flavor, nutrients, and healing properties. Fresh herbs can get expensive, though, whether you’re buying cut herbs…

How to Make a Solid Perfume Locket

Here is a cute yet elegant gift idea that will delight many people on your gift list. (Spoiler alert: many of my girlfriends are getting these for the holidays.) Creating botanical perfumes has been growing in popularity amongst grassroots herbalists in the past several years. I have to confess I have bought more perfumes in the…

Turmeric Scarves

Love Plant Dyes? Try Making Turmeric Scarves…

I absolutely love playing with plants! I love cooking with them, creating medicine from them, cleaning with them, going on long hikes to look at them closely, learning botanical features of plants and on and on and on. Inspired by Kristine Brown of the Herbal Roots Zine, I’ve found another way to play with plants….