“Which of these ‘superfoods’ would your family rather eat?”

Science is now proving that what herbalists have known for 1,000’s of years…

Not only are herbs and healing foods an incredibly powerful way to treat common ailments… when they are consumed on a daily basis, they create a Cumulative Effect of good health that ripples throughout our lives.

You eat every day.

So, why not stay healthy and heal with REAL food and herbs?


Which herbs and healing foods should you eat?

How do you learn their healing qualities?

Now… imagine being able to walk into your kitchen and see it as your home apothecary…

Created by world renowned health expert K.P. Khalsa, Culinary Herbalism is an information packed video series that teaches you the healing qualities of food, and how to simply incorporate healthful herbs into your everyday life.

Why buy powders and pills when you can just cook an amazing meal with nature’s original superfoods?

It’s easier, way less expensive and best of all… it tastes better!

The herbal knowledge hiding in your kitchen

You already know that it’s important to eat healthy, nutrient dense foods.

However, did you know that you can use carrots to help heartburn? Cabbage for ulcers? Onions for respiratory issues? Celery juice for hay fever?

There are also tonic herbs hiding in plain sight at your local market’s produce aisle. Cooking regularly with these well-documented herbs and roots will lead to better overall health… which means more energy and better sleep.

Ancient herbal wisdom meets modern science

Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa bridges the gap between ancient herbal wisdom and modern scientific proof. He is an herbalist, practitioner, scientist, educator, cook and parent.

K.P. Khalsa has over 40 years of experience practicing Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic herbalism. He is the world ambassador and former president of the American Herbalist Guild, was chief formulator for the Yogi Tea company, and is on the senior editorial board of the Harvard Natural Standard. K.P. is a professor at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Bastyr University. He is author of many books, including The Way of Ayurvedic Herbs.

For those busy people looking for a PROVEN PATH to improving their health with herbs, there is no better way to go about it than by following the ancient advice from Hippocrates…

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Blending traditional herbal wisdom and modern scientific studies, K.P. Khalsa helps us turn back the clocks, so we can look at medicine the way we used to… as food.

What’s inside Culinary Herbalism?

What K.P. Khalsa covers in Culinary Herbalism…

Session 1: Herbs as Food

A practical guide to making herbs a natural part of your every day life

Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food. Natural healing systems from around the world use food as a way to keep healthy. They also take herbal medicine as a way to concoct tasty, healing meals.

• Why you want to include healing herbs in your foods
• Healthy individualized eating
• The Food to Medicine potency spectrum
• Getting back to common sense and practicality in herbalism
• Culinary Herbalism recommended books

Session 2: Preparations

Practical applications for a busy life

Many delicious foods are also healing. Therapeutic herbs can be cooked into tasty soups, breads and beverages. It takes creativity and a little know-how to decide how to best prepare each culinary herb.

• Kitcharee, the famous healing food from Ayurveda
• Healing bean dishes from around the world
• Herbal soups and broths
• Congee, the culinary herbalism superstar from Asia
• Herbs in bread
• Herbs as juice
• Healing herbal yogurt drinks from India

Session 3: Basic Recipes

The staples you’ll be able to use every day

Onion, garlic and ginger form the “trinity roots” healing trio from Ayurveda.

• Healing herbs taste great in puréed green vegetables
• Healing herbs make great pesto
•The healing properties of onion, garlic and ginger
•Prepare puréed green vegetables blended with healing herbs
•Healing, delicious herbal appetizers and party snacks

Session 4: Skin

Amazing skin the natural way

Herbal medicine is a treasure trove of healing for the skin.

• Tasty culinary herbalism recipes make medicine delicious
• Vegetables for skin inflammation
• Culinary herbs as skin healers
• Root vegetables for liver and skin health

Session 5: Digestion

Natural solutions and prevention for your entire family

Fragrant culinary spices are big medicine in Asian herbalism.

• Use appetizing herbs to treat gas, indigestion, heartburn, ulcer, nausea and constipation
• Enjoy your food while you heal your digestion
• Tasty aromatic spices for gas
• Teas and soups for digestive disorders
• Spices warm up slow digestion
• Soothing herbal food recipes heal a hot tummy
• Heal tough digestive issues with culinary herbalism remedies

Session 6: Immune System

Secrets, you can use the year round

Culinary herbalism heals the flu.

• Use yummy herbal teas for fever
• Berries and medicinal mushrooms create a strong immune system
• Chilies for cold and flu
• Culinary herbalism for children’s immune systems
• Chinese herbs for flu and fever

Session 7: Respiratory System

Solutions from sinus infections to asthma

Culinary herbalism can support long term respiratory health, and effectively treat respiratory disorders.

• Use a potent Chinese herb for postnasal drip and an Ayurvedic herb to release sinus congestion
• Clear your breathing with herbal soups
• Treat sinus infections with culinary herbs
• Herbs for asthma and sore throat
• Food and herbs for runny nose

Session 8: Tonics

Ancient secrets made practical for everyday use

In every herbal system, tonic herbs are the secret to staying healthy for life, and many are also tasty culinary herbs. Learn about health building foods and how to incorporate tonic herbs into your cooking.

• Food and herb recipes for hormone balance
• Ginseng soup for stamina
• Herbal tonic soups
• Culinary herbalism sleep remedies
• Culinary herbalism for diabetes
• Chinese curative dessert soups

Session 9: Musculoskeletal and Cardiovascular

Health from the inside out

Food and culinary herbs can keep your skeleton strong and your joints moving.

• Tasty recipes balance your blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol
• You will want to eat them every day
• Fruit soup for healthy joints
• Common kitchen spices for a healthy nervous system
• Herbal soups for a healthy heart

Session 10: Detoxification

The kind and gentle way

Detoxification is the basis of every natural healing system. Culinary herbalism can make detoxification tasty and enjoyable. Use selected root vegetable foods to heal your liver. Prepare soups and curries to support your kidneys.

• Special Asian culinary herbal vegetables for blood sugar and cellular detoxification
• Common kitchen spices for cleansing
• Culinary herb teas and soups for the kidneys
• Selected grains for weight loss and kidney health

Optional Recipe “Homework”

If you want to integrate K.P.’s sessions, we provide recipes for each of the 10 sessions…

• From the food and herb potency spectrum in the lesson, choose a medicinal food that is new to you, and cook it into a healing meal
• Make a healing herbal lassi
• Prepare an herbal pesto and enjoy it on pasta or crackers
• Make a green vegetable dish for the skin using a vegetable that is new to you
• Use fennel seed in a way new to you
• Make celery juice or a celery blender drink to relax
• Make a main dish with culinary herbs from the lesion, for the nervous system
• Cook eggplant in a tasty, healthy way
• Pick an herb from the lesson. Make a tea and use it as a broth for a homemade vegetable soup base
• Sauté bitter melon, or steam it and serve it with a sauce, as a side dish for dinner

What people are saying…

Culinary Herbalism gave me a whole new perspective on using food as medicine. I never gave food enough credit for what it can actually do for me and how to use it with a dual purpose. Now I plan my meals with a different eye. I try to use all of the potential in food and as a target for specific ills or issues. K.P. is very smooth in his presentation and covers a ton of territory giving examples and ideas.

D. Hummel • New Cumberland, PA

I was somewhat “on the fence” about taking this class as I know how to cook and use herbs in our food. I am so glad I did! Learning the thought process behind incorporating culinary herbs into cooking was profound for me. I have been trying the recipes and have found myself thinking more and more of how to make our food even better for my family. Everyone should take this course, I was so happy I did!

Martha Barnard • Petersburg, OH

Before taking this course, I thought I had to order all of these specialty herbs or have an amazing botany background to properly identify and harvest plants in the wild. Now I understand that there are some powerful foods waiting for me in the kitchen or a few miles down the road at my local grocery store. Mind blown and empowered.

L. McDermott • Washington

I really enjoy K.P. Khalsa’s teaching style. He breaks everything down so that you can easily understand and utilize the information. Culinary Herbalism is beautiful and well put together. The recipes are fabulous and I can’t wait to make them all. I truly believe that food is medicine and very much appreciate his perspective on this and his way of teaching us how to use it that way. This is an amazing value for the money.

Carrie Andrews • Meridian, ID

K.P. Khalsa has a down-to-earth style of teaching. For someone so experienced and knowledgable, he delivers the info in layman terms. Very encouraging! The fact that it’s not intimidating makes me what to try the recipes.

June • Langley, B.C.

Culinary Herbalism changed the way I think about the foods and herbs I’m feed my family. I was enlightened and intrigued by many foods used in other cultures and plan to expand my use of international foods.

Roxi • West Tennessee

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Ready to turn your kitchen into a powerful herbal apothecary?

Herbalism and healing starts in the kitchen… in the meals we cook and eat every day.

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