Free Herbal Coloring Pages!

One of my favorite cozy, indoor activities as a kid was coloring. I thought it would be fun to gift you all with a sampler of the new herbs coloring book we created to go along with the updated edition of the Wildcraft! board game. In this printable PDF, you’ll find five color pictures of…

Herbal Sore Throat Spray Recipe

How to Make Herbal Formulas & A Sore Throat Spray Recipe

From a dull ache to a raging inferno, sore throats can be one of the more uncomfortable symptoms of a cold or flu. Sipping hot teas and eating spicy soups both help to mitigate the pain, but there’s only so much liquid you can consume in a day! This herbal throat spray can be a convenient way to frequently get the herbs directly on the throat where they are most needed.