Which is a more complete way to use
herbs for Cold & Flu Season?

How most people use herbs?

Or the Art of Herbalism!

Or the Art of Herbalism!

It’s time for the “Cycle of Sickness” again…

This is when one person in a household catches a cold, and it’s in the house for weeks. Just when you think it’s over, it can start right up again. You do not have time for this.

We all want to believe that there is a “quick fix” that will end the cycle and get life going again.

I’m not just talking about over-the-counter cold medications. Most people unsuccessfully try to use herbs as the quick fix as well.

The truth is, there are no “miracle” cold cures.

Here is the danger…

When we just keep pushing ourselves, we miss what the illness is trying to tell us, and we miss an opportunity to slow down and care for ourselves and those we love.

The miracle cures not only suppress the immune system, they can often have a negative effect on the healing process.

You probably remember your mom’s bowl of soup and kiss on the forehead MORE than the spoonful of medicine she gave you, right?

Your role as healer.

When you dump the “Quick-Fix Mentality” and reclaim your role as healer, you facilitate stronger bonds with your family and create lifelong memories.

The Art of Herbalism combines deep connections with learning how to make amazing herbal remedies that are safe, effective, and easy to make.

You now have a complete picture of a healing environment, where colds and flus spend way less time… and the cycle of sickness rarely shows up.


with herbalist Rosalee de la Forêt

Herbal Cold Care covers…

Click to enlarge this image to see the entire “Herbal Cold Care” system

By the end of Herbal Cold Care, you will understand the entire Key to Winter Wellness, drastically reducing the number of sick days in your household.

How Herbal Cold Care works

How Herbal Cold Care works

10 Modules Teach The Entire Herbal Cold Care System

Module 1: Getting Started

Many believe herbalism simply involves substituting herbs for pharmaceuticals, like opting for willow bark over Tylenol for a headache. However, herbalism is much more nuanced. This video will introduce the art of herbalism, differentiate between colds, the flu, and stomach “flu,” and discuss the benefits and challenges of herbal remedies. Rosalee will also highlight when it’s crucial to see a doctor.

Module 2: Dosage

Effective herbal medicine is not just about the herb, but how it’s taken. Understand the ideal dosage, frequency, and duration to maximize benefits. This module will guide you in determining the optimal herbal dosage, various strategies for using herbs, and specific dosages for bulk herbs, tinctures, and powders. Concerned about dosing for children? We’ve addressed that too.

Module 3: Prevention Part I

While using herbs for ailments like cold or flu is beneficial, prevention is paramount. Hand washing, although vital, isn’t the sole method for staying healthy. Our immune system plays a crucial role. In this segment, Rosalee discusses bolstering the immune system through lifestyle choices and specific nutrients.

Module 4: Prevention Part II

Building on Part I, Rosalee introduces herbs that can enhance immune system health. Marrying the lifestyle choices from the first segment with the herbs discussed here can greatly diminish your risk of upper respiratory infections.

Module 5: At the First Sign

Despite preventive measures, illnesses occur. The early stages of a cold or flu present a pivotal moment to bolster the immune system, potentially curtailing or even preventing the illness. Learn how herbs and natural therapies can help, why echinacea might not always be suitable, and why Rosalee typically advises against goldenseal at the initial signs of illness.

Module 6: Sore Throats and Dry Coughs

Addressing painful symptoms like sore throats and dry coughs requires more than generic over-the-counter medications. Herbal medicine targets the root causes. With the right knowledge, utilize a range of herbs to alleviate a painful throat or persistent cough.

Module 7: Coughs and Congestion

Suppressing a cough during congestion isn’t ideal. Instead, assist your body in expelling the congestion. This module presents potent herbs to address congestion, restoring healthy breathing and robust lung function.

Module 8: Fevers

Fevers, though often feared, are typically a natural and beneficial immune response. Using herbs for fevers isn’t about suppressing them but supporting the body’s immune function and alleviating discomfort. Recognize the rare instances when fevers might be harmful, ensuring you seek help when necessary.

Module 9: Recovery

Recovering thoroughly from an illness is crucial. Rushing back to routine activities can jeopardize recovery. Learn about herbs and foods that address lingering symptoms and support complete recovery.

Module 10: Putting it All Together

This concluding module synthesizes the course, preparing you for cold and flu season. Rosalee shares her top three herbs for these ailments and her primary recommendation for the season.

Hands-on remedies help you integrate the video lessons

Rosalee has prepared over 50 remedy and recipe cards that will help you learn every part of the course. In time, these remedies will become part of your family herbal legacy. Remedy Cards include…

How you use herbs for colds and flu is about to change forever.

Herbal Cold Care is an amazing foundation for those wanting to learn about herbs and help themselves and their families naturally. The course contains 10 video lessons and lots of bonuses.

What’s so cool about our course website?

Our bonuses answer your most common questions

Our bonuses answer your most common questions

How do I learn more about the actual herbs covered in the course?

29 Plant Monographs give you detailed information about many of the herbs mentioned in this course. There is so much information in these monographs, they are like a mini-course in themselves.

Elderberry is the herb I hear most about these days. How can I learn more about elderberry specifically?

Elder is one of Rosalee’s favorite herbs for colds and the flu. In The Ultimate Elderberry Ebook you’ll learn all about elder plus get lots of recipes to use both the flowers and the berries. Elder is an amazing plant that has been used as medicine, food and tools for eons. From a decadent facial cream to Rosalee’s favorite elderberry syrup recipes, this ebook is Rosalee’s tribute to this amazing plant.

How can I learn more about helping my kids?

This is our most frequently asked question in herbal cold and flu care. We are including Rosalee de la Forêt’s Herbal Remedies for Children During Cold & Flu Season ebook.

Learn how to use herbs with kids, dosage considerations, how to specifically help kids when they have fevers, and how to deal with tons of symptoms. These 86 pages are a treasure trove of herbal wisdom.

Which herb can I use daily to help my immune system?

Astragalus root is renowned for its beneficial effects on the immune system. It has been shown to reduce the occurrence of common respiratory illnesses and bolster immune system activity. Recipes in The Ultimate Astragalus Ebook include Astragalus and Shiitake Chocolate Chip Cookies, Five Flavored Autumn Wellness Tea, Astragalus and Miso Broth, Astragalus Chai, Astragalus Congee, and Nourishing Bone Broth. This new book gets into the health, botanical, and dosage details for astragalus as well.

More reviews of Herbal Cold Care...

“In just a few short days Herbal Cold Care has paid for itself ten fold, and I haven't even finished watching all the videos yet, not to mention all of the written materials! Just a day after purchasing the course, my friend's three boys all came down with a terrible cough and fever. I was able to give her some suggestions for the cough from watching the videos. When my own daughter came down with a sore throat the next day and I was out of Throat Coat tea, I was able to pull up Rosalee's recipe and make my own. I would highly recommend this course to anyone, but especially parents.”
C. Maupin, California
“I was blown away by just how much information there is! It's like having an encyclopedia of cold care at your fingertips - and without having to slog through all of your herbal remedy books to find it. I have been so impressed by Herbal Cold Care that I've decided to dive headfirst into becoming a Master Herbalist.”
M. Kaufman, Texas
“Herbal Cold Care is very easy to navigate; quite "user friendly". The aesthetics of the presentations - Wow! Beautiful photographs and illustrations along with delightful music create a soothing, enjoyable learning environment. The information is well presented and easily understood, as well as practical, useful, and realistic. I am loving this course!”
J. Hutchison, Texas
“This is an absolutely beautiful course, so much information packed into it for such a small price. The recipes are wonderful and I love that I can download everything in many different ways. I can download the audio to listen in the car or the transcript to read in bed. Definitely worth every cent. I'm ready for the cold and flu season!”
A. Bastien, Florida
“Rosalee makes learning a joy. She doesn't just cover the basic-basics; she delves into her subject, helping us understand not just the what and the how, but — for me, this important aspect: THE WHY. The course materials are of the highest quality, and I so appreciate learning by audio, video and also having the transcripts. SO glad to have this course, and the ability to access it any time, ad infinitum.”
N. Rotunda, Minnesota
“Herbal Cold Care makes learning about herbal remedies educational but fun! I love how accessible everything is. I don't feel overwhelmed or under experienced.”
C. B., West Virginia
“This is my third program with LearningHerbs and as I learn more, I am increasingly appreciative of your ease of use programs. Herbal Cold Care, in just the few days, has already paid for it self - my husband and I woke up yesterday feeling not quit right. I consulted the at the start section, used the information and we both woke up just fine this morning. The lesson organization, information on proper herbal use and recipes contribute significantly to the kind of hands-on learning that best suits me.”
M. Souder, Virginia
“I have learned so much... far more than I could have studying on my own. Furthermore, Rosalee is a clinical herbalist, so I know I am getting accurate information. I certainly can't say the same for the misleading, confusing, and sometimes completely inaccurate info on the web! I consider this an investment in my family's health. It feels great to know my kids will grow up with a different mindset than I did; not just popping a pill when you feel bad, but truly understanding how the immune system works and how to protect and, if necessary, heal yourself using plants. This is something that is absolutely priceless to me.”
S. Catlett, Oklahoma
“The price point was so good I couldn't resist sending it to a few of my friends. I just wish it had been available before I paid $500 for another herbal medic course that isn't helping me as much as your course. When I bought the other course I was looking for practical information that I could use right away. I'm excited to see your pictures and recipes. Keep 'em coming!”
C. Robinson, North Carolina
“The sections on prevention alone are worth the price of Herbal Cold Care! And this came at just the right time for my family. After a trip to the hospital today with my husband (who never even goes to the doctor) turned out to be nothing, he is ready to make some lifestyle changes that will help boost his immune system. Looking forward to completing the course and having hubby watch too. :)”
C. Fellows, Ohio
“As always, Rosalee does an amazing job at presenting her topics. I've taken many classes over the years, some presented well, some not so much, but Rosalee has never disappointed. She breaks down even the most complicated information in bite size bits to be digested easily, in a brilliantly organized way that learning is a joy, never a chore. And the amount of information from basics to in-depth, to recipes and helpful learning tools is quite breathtaking!”
L. Giles, Colorado
“Herbal Cold Care is amazing. What I love about it so much is that it not only tells you what to take, but how to make it and HOW to take it. Some courses only tell you to add say one part of something and two parts of something else, but this one gives you actual measurements. And you also learn WHY to take something. Amazing! I LOVE IT!!”
W. Lafirira, Vermont
“You get soooo much for the price you pay. I am amazed. It is a complete no brainer to have this at your fingertips to never catch a cold again and if you do, know how to deal with it.”
C. Vago, France
“The videos are great and the information is presented in a clear and engaging way. I love that the content is available forever! I am always looking back at notes and it will be nice to have everything in one place for referencing later.”
K. Estes, Texas
“I love the Herbal Cold Care course. The material is presented in such an easily accessible manner that I find myself shocked at how much I've learned at the end of each video. I love how practical and thorough the course is.”
A. Cirillo, Oregon
“Herbal Cold Care breaks down what can be an overwhelming topic like cold care into manageable segments. Even after watching just a few videos, I felt that a whole new world had been opened to me and I could do this because it was not complicated. I love Rosalee's engaging teaching style, as well as, the holistic approach she takes towards cold care — from prevention to treatment for very specific coughs. There are a lot of recipes, but you can tell each was carefully chosen. As far as I am concerned, being able to treat a cold without the dreaded Robitussin® anywhere in sight is a good thing! The recipes here look a lot tastier and cheaper than Robitussin®, too. I feel this was definitely money well-spent.”
T. Sen, Pennsylvania
“Herbal Cold Care is very informative and easy to use, even on my smartphone. I'm on every chance I get and I can't wait to try some of the recipes. Definitely worth the time and money.”
V. Daugherty, Oregon
“This is one of the absolute best teaching formats I've ever found for learning about herbs, and it's been designed to be beautiful and easy to navigate as well as chock-full of wisdom. I'm having so much fun!”
P. Malnati, Michigan
“You folks have outdone yourselves again. I've taken several courses through your site and am always impressed by the quality of the class and the presentation (even the technology is simple enough for someone like myself, who is technologically -lacking :-). And your courses make learning about herbs easy and fun!”
K. Hudson, Vermont
“Everything is easy to read and understand. The recipes are great! I've made up some Elderberry Syrup to augment my cold and flu buster arsenal. The total package is clear and concise. It's great that you can learn at your own pace and you never lose access. What a great deal!!!!”
C. Durham, Washington
“I love that Herbal Cold Care is so easy to understand. Sometimes learning about herbs seem so overwhelming but this is a easy, fun way to get started!”
T. Millerd, Georgia
“I am a visual learner and the information is so well laid out for me. The bonuses are great... Rosalee is so easy to follow and her personality is a lovely addition to the teaching component. I am so impressed, I have encouraged some of my friends and family to join me on this learning adventure. This course is amazing.”
K. Bogart, Canada
“I thought, at first, Yeah, I've taken enough courses I really don't need this. HAH! The more I looked at the Welcome video and browsed the LearningHerbs site I kicked the old ego out the window and yelled "YES, I DO need this course!" I just decanted my own Fire Cider and am looking forward to trying out Rosalee's take on it and many of her other recipes. I love Rosalee's balanced attitude with herbal health... her forthrightness is appealingly humbling.”
C. Morrissey, Oregon
“I am new to herbal medicine and have just started the learning process, I have found Herbal Cold Care to be easy to follow and with enough detail that I do not feel completely in over my head. The recipes again are easy to follow and great. I have to say I didn't really know where to start for my herbal education, this has been a wonderful place to start!”
S. Acree, Georgia
“Herbal Cold Care is exactly what I need - a mentoring program that fills in all the missing information (dosage, varietal differences, etc.) and gives me confidence to expand my "herbal medicine chest". I am so glad I purchased this course. Rosalee shares her knowledge and experience in an engaging, friendly way. I wish she lived next door!”
D. Mathis, Michigan
“Herbal Cold Care is seriously SO amazing!! I've been studying herbs and their use as medicine for a few years now on my own, but hit a plateau, not knowing where to go next, and THIS is it! It's great for people like me with some herb knowledge who want to go further with their studies, and I'm even sharing it with friends of mine who are just starting to learn about alternative and herbal medicine, and we all find it incredibly useful. The site is beautiful, for starters. It's easy to navigate, and each video is broken down extremely well for maximum information absorption. With Rosalee as your narrator, you learn so much just in the introduction video! I already understand more about specific herbs and how to treat myself and others who are sick, and have brought some amazing herbs and spices into my life because of this course. I can't wait to read all the herbal monographs and make all of the recipes in the bonus section! I highly recommend this to any and everyone who is interested in healing with the bounty of nature. Thank you thank you thank you Rosalee and John!”
A. O’Hara, Florida
“I love this course! There is a huge amount of helpful information. I really had no idea about the various phases of a cold or flu, and that there is so much we can do for various types of symptoms and for each phase to feel better and support health. I love the methodical way the entire cycle of a cold or flu is addressed. I have already made two of the recipes to support my boyfriend, who is recovering from a cold. Thank you for such a thorough and helpful course, which empowers us to take good care of our own health.”
N. H., Washington
“This is perfect timing with cold and flu season here. I always have loved the way Rosalee and John and his team present courses. They are well organized, and for all types of learning, visual, hearing, reading... and you get to practice what you learn with the recipes. I've only just started the course, but I've looked through all the bonuses and can't wait to start making vitamin C pills. Here is too a healthy herbal cold and flu season.”
L. Van Nostrand, California
“Herbal Cold Care came right in time. I am not kidding. The next day after watching your live introduction on the onset of colds I started getting really tired, achy, headache, feeling cold. So, I took a sauna, got some ginger and made some tea and chopped up some garlic and followed Rosalee's recipe. To my delight, I was fine the next morning. I am so excited to take this course.”
L. Gunderson, Oregon
“I enjoy any course put together by John and Rosalee. They are always professional and thorough with the material provided. Rosalee is a gifted teacher and very knowledgable in both theory and practice. This course is great for a beginner because cold and flu symptoms are so common, so you can dive right in. The course also has appeal to those with some experience with herbs. It offers the "WHY" behind the herbs, and not just the "what to take". I really like that approach! I like to know why a particular herb is chosen.”
L. Murray, Utah
“I'm very impressed with the organization of the Herbal Cold Care material. John Gallagher at Learning Herbs has a knack for presenting information in a format that is accessible, thorough, and entertaining which creates an excellent medium for learning.”
S. Gedz, Illinois
“I'm a bit of an "herb junkie" and I know a good bit of info about them. Problem is that I, too, was guilty of doing what many novice "herbalists" do...using herbs much like pharmaceuticals rather than fully appreciating how to use them to their best advantage! I have already made it through almost half the course and I am so happy to say that this course really gives useful, practical information on how to support the immune system, what to do as well as what NOT to do, and how to manage symptoms while supporting the body's natural response to illness. I'll be making recipes and sharing them for Christmas this year. Next year I'll start earlier and really be ready! I'll definitely be recommending this to my "crunchy" friends and encouraging my "less crunchy" friends to try it, too! I Simply love this course!”
M. Overland, Minnesota
“Herbal Cold Care is so AWESOME!! I was surprised by all of the extras that were included and really feel confident that with this class, I will be able to get my family through this cold and flu season as naturally and healthy as possible. I really like how well laid out the website is, it's easy to access, and I am able to access it from my tablet or phone (that's a BIG bonus to me with my busy schedule!). Thank you so much for all that you give!!!”
C. Anthis, Texas
“I am just starting to use herbs and it can get a bit confusing. I am loving this course. The information is so clear and concise it makes a great read. I love the fact that you can approach it in so many ways, but the one that helps me the most is concentrating on one herb, reading all about it and then going to the recipes and trying something with that particular herb. On the other hand, if I have a particular symptom that I need to address ASAP, well I can also do that. The best thing is that I don't have to rush since I have access for life to this information. I will only have to print what I need to print.”
D. Delgado, Texas
“I love how easy the materials are to understand. Even though I am a complete beginner, I feel empowered by the instructions. I'm very excited to make my way through it slowly, at my own pace, so that each lesson is absorbed. Thank you for such a thoughtful and approachable course.”
M. Brennan, California

What people are saying about
Herbal Cold Care

What people are saying about
Herbal Cold Care

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Herbal Cold Care gives you the whole picture, for less.

This course is NOT the mythical “Quick-Fix” Solution, but it saves you WAY more time. Fewer sick days. Less time suffering symptoms.

Herbal Cold Care costs about half the price of ONE visit to the doctor. Imagine what you’ll save when you make your own remedies!

Also, making your own herbal remedies is WAY more fun.

If you’re a parent, making these recipes will forge amazing bonds between you and your kids.

A family legacy steeped in the Art of Herbalism begins with you.

Your instructor is Rosalee de la Forêt, clinical herbalist, educator, professional member of the American Herbalists Guild, and author of the best-selling books Alchemy of Herbs and Wild Remedies.

Start Herbal Cold Care for just $197

Start Herbal Cold Care for just $197

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Zero Risk.

Since 2005, LearningHerbs has offered the very best in online herbal education at affordable prices.

You have 30 days to try Herbal Cold Care. If it’s not for you, just ask for a full refund.
There is absolutely NO risk.

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