Which is a more complete way to use herbs for Cold & Flu season?

How most people use herbs?

Or, the Art of Herbalism?

It’s time for the Cycle of Sickness again…

This is when one person in a household catches a cold and it’s in the house for weeks. Just when you think it’s over, it can start right up a again. You do not have time for this.

We all want to believe that there is a “quick fix” that will end the cycle and get life going again.

I’m not just talking about over-the-counter cold medications. Most people unsuccessfully try to use herbs as the quick fix as well.

The truth is, there are no “miracle” cold cures.

Here is the danger…

When we just keep pushing ourselves, we miss what the illness is trying to tell us and we miss an opportunity to slow down and care for ourselves and those we love.

The miracle cures not only suppress the immune system, they can often have a negative effect on the healing process.

You probably remember your mom’s bowl of soup and kiss on the forehead MORE than the spoonful of medicine she gave you? Right?

Your role as healer.

When you dump the “Quick-Fix Mentality” and reclaim your role as healer, you facilitate stronger bonds with your family and create lifelong memories.

The Art of Herbalism combines deep connections with learning how to make amazing herbal remedies that are safe, effective and easy to make.

You now have a complete picture of a healing environment, where colds and flus spend way less time…and the cycle of sickness rarely shows up.