HerbMentor Radio: jim mcdonald, Why There’s No “Best Way” to Learn About Herbs

When you first start studying herbs it can feel like you need to find the best herb school, the best herb books, and the best way to study herbs in order to become a “real herbalist”…

But after studying and teaching herbalism for the last few decades, jim mcdonald (a Michigan herbalist who blends traditional folk influences and mixes it up with a bit of 19th century eclectic and physiomedical vitalism) can definitively say that there’s no one “right way” to learn about herbs.

Rather than racing to find the right answer to every herbal question as quickly as possible, learning about herbs is actually about choosing your own herbal adventure and cultivating a growth mindset.

And jim certainly fits into the “choose your own adventure” mentality we have here on HerbMentor Radio: this is our third interview with jim, and each time we’ve gotten to go on some of the most amazing herbal tangents and dive deep into exciting herbal questions.

So, where did the herbal adventure take us in this episode?

Well, HerbMentor members submitted some fantastic questions, like…

  • What herbs have supported jim on his own healing journey after a health crisis in 2018?
  • What are the differences between calendula and plantain topically?
  • How can I make syrups with bitter herbs taste better?
  • How do I use Solomon’s seal?


Where will your herbal adventure take you next?

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HerbMentor offers a wide variety of rich herbal content — including a whole course from jim — that gives you the opportunity to choose your own herbal adventure, take your time, and connect with other herbal learners and experts whenever you login.

You can join HerbMentor for just $1 to see if it’s part of your own herbal path. :)


  1. Want to know more about herbs

  2. Glad to hear Jim is doing more or less okay. He is the funniest guy!

    • Hi Linda, I’m glad you enjoyed Jim on HerbMentor Radio podcast! Have a wonderful day!

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