HerbMentor Radio shares the stories of plants & people. Well-known herbalists and everyday folks using plants for food and medicine. Explore the simplicity of bringing healing herbs into your life. Hosted by John Gallagher and Tara Ruth.

“HerbMentor has the 3 Ingredients You Need to Become a Home Herbalist...”

The FIRST ingredient is having experienced teachers who really know how to share information in a way that’s simple to understand.

Because the internet is jammed with misinformation, the SECOND ingredient is access to clear and trustworthy resources.

The THIRD and final ingredient is ongoing help from a supportive community. This is why it’s really hard to become a home herbalist by taking a single course.

HerbMentor is our membership community that was created to help you effectively learn about herbs using ALL 3 ingredients, no matter where you live. Watch our exclusive trainings, look stuff up, and to ask questions when you are stuck.

HerbMentor also has every episode of HerbMentor Radio, with transcipts on our newer episodes.

We want to support your dream of being a home herbalist, community healer, or whatever is down the herbal path for you.

You can try HerbMentor for just $1….

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HerbMentor hosts many courses including Getting Started with Herbs, Herbal Basics, Wildcrafter’s Toolkit & Cultivating Wellness… our Community Forum… Plant Walks, Exclusive Herbal Monographs and more.

This site hosts Apothecary, Herb Fairies, the Herbal Remedy Kit videos, Herbal Cold Care and Taste of Herbs.