EagleSong Evans Gardener: Rekindling the Heart of Health

After a short break, John returns to HerbMentor Radio in a conversation with one of his first herbal mentors, EagleSong Evans Gardener.

Go beyond “this herb is for that dis-ease” and body systems healing and journey into the garden, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. EagleSong starts with the most basic question, “What is good health?”

Along the journey EagleSong shares her unique perspective on herbalism, and reintroduces you to some of her botanical friends, including the hawthorn and linden trees. Get a new perspective on healing the heart as John takes you back to his herbal learning roots.

EagleSong Evans Gardener

EagleSong Evans Gardener is an American herbalist, lifelong gardener, teacher, and visionary who hails from the great Pacific Northwest. For over two decades she has directed RavenCroft Garden, where she specializes in herbal classes and apprenticeships. She has been the Director of Natural Beauty at the world famous Willows Lodge in Woodinville, WA, where she designed sustainable landscape management systems. Herbalists in the Seattle area have been trained by EagleSong for over four decades.

Her latest endeavor is the new Pacific Women’s Herbal Conference, featuring many local practitioners of the botanical arts. It is happening September 25-28, 2015 in Monroe, WA. Click here to save $35 on pre-registration before August 31.


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  1. So great to be able to share this with you! Enjoy!

    • Thank you John and EagleSong for sharing your knowledge! Wonderful conversation. :)

  2. Thank you from this program!

  3. would love to hear this interview, but nothing on sound cloud!

  4. Great topic good to hear about these amazing plants and concepts of this great LIVING planet.

  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your help with learning herbs!! I enjoy it so much! Looking forward to new topics to learn with you and your guests! !! TAKE CARE! !!

  6. :) having a very plummy summer, too! in fact, I got plums from you, Eaglesong! enjoyed this talk very much

    • Hello Diana Lynn Law, delighted to hear you’re are in with the plums this summer! Such good company!

  7. Thank you! Loved the program and must have been led to listen as I need the Hawthorne!

    • Hi Faelind, Let us know how you and hawthorn find one another! Enjoy…

  8. I have noticed that the herb mentor podcasts have dwindled and was worried that you had given them up. I find them so interesting and inspiring. Hope there will be many more. Thanks!

    • Just a little break! Much more to come…

  9. What a wonderful interview! I love this lady! She has the same way of thinking that I have and I resonated so much with everything she had to say. It made me so happy! Thank you so much!

    • You’re welcome, WillowMoon. Whitethorn is hawthorn…watch for the red berries in the fall. Let me know what you find!

  10. Wonderful talk! I feel I needed to hear this and will listen again soon. What do you see as the difference between balance and equilibrium? Do hawthorn flowers and leaves have tannins in them like the berries? Tannins cause me to have migraines.

  11. Loved this radiocast! Such a grounding, inspiring conversation. Thank you, EagleSong and John. I, too, will start my hawthorne use now! I need it!

  12. This was such a moving and inspiring conversation. I thank you both so much, from the bottom of my heart.

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