Coronavirus and Herbs

A Message About Coronavirus and Herbs

Dear LearningHerbs Family,

We are thinking of all of you during this time of uncertainty around health with the spread of the COVID-19 virus (coronavirus) around the world. Our focus at LearningHerbs is always to provide trustworthy information about herbal nourishment for health and vitality. This is a health issue that we are all facing together, and fear can easily take hold and distance us from one another in a time when we most need connection and support from one another.

Unfortunately, so little is known about this virus that there is no possible way to be able to provide any concrete, verified information about herbal treatments for the illness. What we can share is our general philosophy about health and healing. As a family, we are always focused on nourishing our health and our immune systems in many ways. We make sure we get exercise, eat fresh food, keep up with our daily herbal infusions, and take time in nature. We focus less on fighting illness, and much more on nourishment and care for ourselves and our loved ones.

We have a wealth of information about strengthening our immune systems and about herbs that have been useful for supporting us through cold and flu viruses on our HerbMentor membership site and in our blog archive. We hope that some of this can be useful as we all navigate through these times.

Here are a few of our favorite recipes for supporting the immune system:

Grounding ourselves in our connection to nature, in our nourishment and self-care routines, and in our love for one another feels vitally important right now.

In health!

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