Discovering Elderberry

Discovering Elderberry: A Free Herbal Activity Book

“Did you see that? Over there, by the elder tree. I think it was Cerulea, the elder fairy! Oh, look! She’s left us a gift!”

With the Discovering Elderberry Activity Book, your kids can explore the many gifts of the elder tree.

First, learn to identify and use the amazing elder tree’s flowers and berries. Then, Rosalee will show you how to make elderberry gummies. These yummy treats will help you stay healthy this winter.

To help you learn more about what the elder tree looks like, we include a coloring book page that comes with our Wildcraft! board game. Finally, you’ll get to meet Cerulea by coloring her and making a fairy paper doll! Cerulea is one of the Herb Fairies from the books I wrote.

We hope you enjoy this special holiday gift from LearningHerbs. Print and share the Discovering Elderberry Activity Book as many times as you would like.

If you want to share your passion for herbs with the young people in your life, consider my Wildcraft! board game. It’s a really fun way to spend a cozy family day during your holiday break.

Stay warm and nourished this winter!



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