Free Herbal Coloring Book!

One of my favorite cozy, indoor activities as a kid was coloring. I thought it would be fun to gift you all with a sampler of the new herbs coloring book we created to go along with the updated edition of the Wildcraft! board game. In this printable PDF, you’ll find five color pictures of common plants that can be used for herbal first aid, and five line drawings of those same plants for your kids (or you!) to color.

Wildcraft Herbs Coloring Book

How Coloring Pages Help Kids Learn About Plants

Maybe your kids or grandkids will choose to color these plants the way they appear in the natural world, like the sample color pages we provide. Or maybe they will have more fun coloring the plants in neon or crazy color schemes that you would never see in nature. They can dress them up in ways they’ve never appeared before. Either way, they will have fun and spend time with useful plants, and those are two of the most important keys to learning about them.

As kids color, they will start to train their eyes to notice all the little details that help distinguish each of these plants from the others growing around them. Maybe they will notice the leaf shapes and the way they are positioned on the stem, the flower shapes, colors, sizes, and all sorts of other identifying characteristics of these plants. Then, when they go out hiking on a trail or take a walk through the neighborhood, they will more easily recognize the plants that can help them.

Herbs Coloring BookGet Your Wildcraft! Coloring Book

Feel free to print out multiple copies for when your kids have friends over.

The second edition of Wildcraft! comes with the entire digital coloring book, which includes all 27 plants in the game.

I hope you have fun coloring!

  1. I already have purchased this game for my grandchildren several years ago but would be interested in getting the color books for them. Please advise.

    • Hello Debbie,
      Thanks for asking! The coloring book is in your bonuses already. If you need help accessing them, please chat with our Support Team by clicking on the little blue chat bubble in the lower right corner of the page.

  2. What a wonderful idea, I will purchase this game in the near future. My grandchildren are young 4 and 2. I have no discretionary income at this time, but will definitely put this game on the top of the list to purchase, thanks again. Deborah

  3. these coloring pages are not only for children but for adults as well

  4. I would love to be able to purchase the full coloring book

  5. How much would the game be for England package please ?

    • Here’s the link to our game:

      Scroll down for the orange Buy Wildcraft! button. You may just enter the quantity (top) and country (middle), and then you will be able to view the shipping fees (click on the “choose a shipping method” pulldown menu).

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