Herbal Homemade Holiday Gifts: A Free Ebook

The holidays are the perfect time to share your love of herbs with your friends and family! I’ve been making herbal homemade holiday gifts since I was a little girl. I have a fond memory of my dad helping me spell out words for holiday cards that I would send along with the gifts. Decades later, I still treasure making special gifts for my loved ones; the only difference is they are always herbal! (And I can spell a lot more words now.)

Herbal gifts are also fun to receive!

It’s true, sometimes people are cautious about trying strange herbal potions, but rarely does someone turn down nutmeg-infused eggnog or delicious chocolate cake.

Going beyond yummy treats, herbs for the bath or skin care are a luxurious way to offer gifts to pamper your loved ones. I get requests for Evergreen Body Butter every year since I started making it! One of my newest favorite recipes is the Herbal Bath Bombs. I make large batches of this so I have plenty to gift and plenty for myself.

Gifts you prepare yourself are often more meaningful than anything you can simply buy at the store. By taking the time to craft herbal treats and gifts, wrap them up beautifully, and share them with love, you can create something memorable and priceless.

May these herbal gift recipes inspire you for many years to come!

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  20. I am so very grateful to you for offering this as a free e-book. As soon as I have any money at all, I will be buying more of your items for sale because when you give for free, it makes me want to give back. Right now, I am broke & almost homeless, learning to ‘eat the weeds’ to get by, so every bit of free knowledge on herbs for food or medicine is so very much needed & appreciated!

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  22. Thank you so very much! What a lovely ebook. I’m looking forward to making some of these recipes as gifts. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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  25. Merry Christmas to everyone. Just finished decorating the tree. so now I am having a nice cup of tea and doing my email and I am very glad I did. Thank you Rosalee for all these great ideas, I have been looking for something different for some of my family this year, these should be perfect.

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  28. What a wonderful holiday season gift, you folks are the best and have so many different ways of sharing, giving, and teaching about the Wonderful world of herbs….and how many ways it can be enjoyed, and then grow and expand in the never ending information there is —- Blessings and Peace to you all, all ways…. sc

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  40. Thank you for the beautiful ebook, Rosalee! I am curious about the purpose of the borax in the body butter. Can you explain why that ingredient is added? Thank you!

  41. Wow! Thank you so much for such a generous gift! How thoughtful of you and I am looking forward to showing this to my daughter and making some of these gifts with her for our friends and loved ones this Christmas. I’m sure she’ll enjoy them as much as she does her Herb Fairies books😊

  42. Rosalee! How very kind of you to be so generous. You impress me every time I connect to your site or email. Perhaps sometime in the future you could direct me with becoming a herbalist. God bless.

    Bob Kudrick

  43. Thank-you! Do you have any formulas for a cream rinse without coconut??

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