Herbal Recipes from Rosemary Gladstar’s Kitchen

Go beyond written recipes with Rosemary Gladstar’s video cookbook...

Rosemary’s Remedies is a video collection of Rosemary Gladstar’s most famous herbal recipes, shown step-by-step and visually detailed.

It’s like having an herbal cooking school instructor right in your own home.

The truth is… you just can’t hear and feel a printed recipe from a book.

With these videos, you’ll NEVER miss the subtle details, successful techniques and magic touches that Rosemary has accumulated in her 40+ years of teaching herbalism. She also shares intimate details about her herbal philosophies, life, and experiences in how to get more nature into your life.

Rosemary also reveals her “core techniques,” which are transferable to any herbal remedy you create.

Rosemary’s Remedies is the only recipe video series Rosemary Gladstar has ever created. It’s perfect for beginners as well as the home herbalist who wants to teach their kids, friends, or family how easy it is to make incredible, safe, and effective remedies.

Often called the “Godmother of American Herbalism,” Rosemary helped found the California School of Herbal Studies, Traditional Medicinals tea company, United Plant Savers, and many herbal conferences. Rosemary is also author to some of herbal medicine’s best-selling and beloved books.

The 23 videos in your Rosemary’s Remedies learning library


The 23 videos in your Rosemary’s Remedies learning library


What folks are saying about Rosemary’s Remedies...
"I first began reading Rosemary’s books about 20 years ago, when I was 18. The funny thing is that I never had success with Rosemary’s famous face cream until Rosemary’s Remedies — just being able to *see* her walk through all of the steps helped me get it exactly right….it was a pleasure and a joy to see Rosemary prepare them and to hear her speak about the herbs. Watching the series is absolutely delightful, like having Rosemary in my kitchen with me. I highly recommend it!"
E. Grainger
Riverside, CA
"I love Rosemary's Remedies! Her teaching style makes it so easy to learn the everyday remedies we can all use. The videos are easy to follow and the downloads make great supplemental info. After searching for years for a user friendly, cost friendly way to learn herbal remedies Rosemary's Remedies is the answer. Thank you, Rosemary!"
D. Moseley
Ferrelview, MO
"I just love her course, and the items that I have made have become a part of my daily life. I am also starting to add endangered herbs to my garden. Love it, love it, love it! ...Not only am I learning about herbs, Rosemary's methods are accessible to mea lay person and beginner herbalist. I have replaced sleeping pills with her sleep tincture, toothpaste with tooth powder and all lotions with her face cream :-) Mostly, I love the way that Rosemary relates to the world and to plants. Such a blessing to watch."
R. Croeser
Markham, Canada
"I love the hands-on videos. I am a visual learner, as a student herbalist I read ALL the time. I really appreciate the opportunity to relax just a little and watch Rosemary work her magic. It reinforces the book pages I have read and reminds me herbalism is suppose to a fun, magical part of life."
Tess Hanke
Eland, WI

More reviews of Rosemary's Remedies...

“It was really fun, exciting, and encouraging to watch "a master at work." The videos were great and intimate feeling, like you were there receiving a personal lesson or having a nice chat with Rosemary. I really enjoyed the garden tours and seeing the wonderful relationship she has with nature is very empowering. I have really enjoyed Rosemary's Remedies and I'm looking forward to trying more of the remedies she's shared on here. Thank you for all the time spent and the wonderful information you've shared!”
Kait B.
Alberta, Canada
“Rosemary is such a wealth of knowledge. John did a great job of capturing her spirit, which really made absorbing all of the great information easier and enjoyable. Plus you get a printable version of each of the recipes, which is a great help when making the remedies on your won. Very well done! Excellent value for the money!”
J. Rivest
Los Angeles, CA
“Rosemary’s Remedies is an ideal course to take as an adventure into the many worlds of herbalism. One cannot help but be inspired by the views of her beautiful garden and there are many easy to prepare recipes for beginners, which cover a large range of applications in the everyday home.”
E. Sutherland
Wicklow, Ireland
“By far my favorite part of the course was just listening to Rosemary speak about her life, experiences, and herbs. She models generosity of spirit, and I enjoyed being encouraged to PLAY with herbs and not necessarily bind myself to a recipe. I have enjoyed making several of the remedies and keep coming back to a few that have really served me”.
Erin C.
Laurel, MD
“Rosemary’s Remedies was a very beautifully orchestrated series of lessons, which captured the wisdom, gratitude, and respect that Rosemary has for herbs.
She has a way of teaching that is very down-to-earth, approachable, practical, and applied.
Rosemary’s confidence and faith in the healing power of herbs is apparent, and she helps to demystify any fear or apprehension a person may have towards using herbs in their everyday life.
One cannot applaud the beautiful teachings imparted by Rosemary without giving much well-deserved credit to John for his enthusiastic spirit that infuses all the courses LearningHerbs offers.”
Mary Anne L
Woodside, California

“It’s a rare thing to capture a true herbal elder doing their formulations on camera and even rarer to get that marvelous elder to open up and be so free and make the viewer really feel in touch with that herbal folklore and magic that runs through Rosemary’s veins.
Half of the things she’s saying would look so foreign in a printed book to someone who hasn’t heard of this concept before, capturing it on video is the perfect medium to get her message into the hearts of anyone who is watching.
I’m so overjoyed LearningHerbs captured all of this amazing wisdom she has shared on camera because it is the perfect medium that helps you to really feel what she’s saying and seeing her honest eyes and warm smile and it really makes your heart just be so open to her amazingly wonderful and happy vibrations that she is able to send out to everyone watching.
Most times true elders like Rosemary are more of our behind the scene heroes, being able to spotlight her like LearningHerbs has done is extraordinary. They both have really contributing something amazing here. Thanks John, not only for so many people who not only need to hear her many messages in her videos but also for those herbalists who are looking for someone they can learn from who is a folk herbalist in their lives, and didn’t know where to find one.
These videos bring the essence of herbalism to life and show you how simple and easy recipes with herbs can be and how seamlessly they can be integrated into your everyday life.
Two Thumbs Up!
A. Parkinson
New York

The more amazing your remedies and recipes are, the more people will use them.

Naturally, this means that your favorite people will be consuming more healthful herbs. And this is a good thing.

You will find more success infusing herbs into your life if you get in touch with your creative side.

AND THIS… is what Rosemary’s Remedies is all about.

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