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5 Simple Elderberry Recipes: Syrup, Gummies, Tea, and More!

Elderberry is a wonderful example of an herb that’s both delicious food and potent medicine! High in antioxidants, elderberries (Sambucus nigra) are known for helping to stop or shorten the duration of colds and the flu, as well as easing inflammation. Plus, elderberries can boost your immune system and help prevent catching that cold or flu in the first place. These are just some of the many benefits of elderberries.

Whether you’ve harvested an abundance of fresh elderberries or purchased a nice stock of dried elderberries, making simply delicious DIY remedies with elderberries is easy to do at home. Our top 5 favorite homemade elderberry recipes include: elderberry syrup, elderberry gummies, elderberry tea, elderberry cough syrup, and elderberry sore throat spray.

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A closeup photograph of a glass bottle of elderberry syrup on a wooden table, surrounded by fresh elderberries.

Elderberry syrup is a simple, delicious way to experience the immune supporting benefits of elderberry.

1. Elderberry Syrup

This elderberry syrup is one of the most popular herbal cold remedies. You can take it by the teaspoon when sick, or even use it regularly in your food, such as on pancakes!

We add a hint of cinnamon and ginger to our elderberry syrup for easing congestion and promoting circulation — not to mention these spices also make the syrup taste even better.

Get the recipe for elderberry syrup, plus a step-by-step how-to video on how to make it here.

A closeup photograph of a bowl and plate full of elderberries gummies. There are fresh elderberries on the plate too.

These apple juice sweetened elderberry gummies make for a sweet yet healthy herbal remedy.

2. Elderberry Gummies

These elderberry gummies are a delicious way to prevent upper respiratory infections, like the cold or flu, as well as shorten the duration of them. Kids of all ages will enjoy them!

Get the recipe for homemade elderberry gummies here.

A closeup photograph of a mug of elderberry tea, a vase of fresh flowers, and a plate full of the elderberry herbal tea ingredients.

Elderberry tea is an easy way to enjoy the gifts of elderberries.

3. Elderberry Tea

While elderberry is famous for being a cold and flu herb, its gifts go way beyond this! Besides cold and flu, elderberry tea can promote strong bones and healthy hair, protect the heart and eyes, support digestion, and boost the immune system.

We have 5 delicious elderberry tea recipes ready for you here.

A closeup photograph of a glass bottle full of elderberry cough syrup next to a bunch of fresh elderberries.

This elderberry cough syrup makes an excellent addition to any home apothecary.

4. Herbal Cough Syrup

This all-purpose cough syrup combines elderberries with elecampane and plantain for a soothing, immune boosting home remedy.

Get the elderberry cough syrup recipe here.

A closeup photograph of a bottle of herbal sore throat spray on a wooden cuttingboard. The bottle is framed by the ingredients in the spray, including ginger, sage, Echinacea, and licorice root.

This elderberry throat spray is our go to home remedy for sore throats.

5. Herbal Sore Throat Spray

Made with elderberries, Echinacea, sage, and other herbs, this herbal sore throat spray can be a convenient way to frequently get the herbs directly on the throat where they are most needed.

Get the elderberry sore throat spray recipe here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Elderberries

What Can I Do with Elderberries?
As you’ve probably gathered from our list above, there are so many wonderful remedies you can make with elderberries. Our top 5 favorite homemade elderberry remedies include elderberry syrup, elderberry gummies, elderberry tea, elderberry cough syrup, and elderberry sore throat spray. You can get the recipes for all of these above.

Are Elderberries Safe to Eat Raw?
Avoid consuming raw elderberries. Consuming raw elderberries can cause nausea and vomiting.

How Can I Share the Gifts of Elderberry with My Kids?
Check out our free Discovering Elderberry Activity Book. With the activity book, your kids can learn to identify and use elderflowers and berries and enjoy the elderberry coloring pages.

A closeup image of the Discovering Elderberry Activity Book on a faded background of elderberries.

Discover the benefits of elderberry with the Discovery Elderberry Activity Book.


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