Natural Home Bee Sting Remedy

Here is what I recommend for a natural bee sting remedy and wasp sting remedy.

For most of us, bee stings aren’t a big deal. However, for some they are fatal. Seek IMMEDIATE medical attention of the person’s tongue swells, if the person has difficulty breathing, you observe a sudden rash, or the person complains of nausea or blurred vision.

If a person is allergic, make sure you check to see if they have a special “pen” that injects epinephrine. It helps dilate their airways.

Basically you have three things to do for most people when they get a sting…

  1. Extract the sting
  2. Clean the wound
  3. Find relief

My ALL TIME FAVORITE bee sting remedy and wasp sting remedy works like a charm.

Here is one of those natural home remedies that I said, “Yeah, right!” the first time I heard it. But, after 15 years of using this remedy on myself and others, I swear by it.

Believe it or not, the answer is all around you.

The plant is plantain (Plantago major or broadleaf plantain, and Plantago lanceolata or narrowleaf plantain). This is a common “weed” found anywhere where soil has been disturbed. You’ll recognize it growing in the cracks of your neighborhood sidewalks. (Just remember to gather from a place that is not sprayed or frequently walked or peed on.)

Bee Sting Remedy

Plantain is well known for its ability to “draw.” That may come from its ability to draw up minerals to the soil in disturbed soil. Well, it also draws things like dirts, stingers, insect venom, and infectious materials — perfect for a bee sting remedy.

It’s an herb that you can access simply by chewing it up and placing it on a wound or sting. This is called a spit poultice. The laying on of leaves is very powerful medicine. And, it’s one you can easily share with anyone. A friendly plant that is always around to help us in need and a great bee sting remedy.

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