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Maya wanted to learn how to make herbal remedies to help keep her family healthy. She bought books, subscribed to YouTube channels, and joined a few social media groups.

The more information she found, the more overwhelmed and confused she felt. She wasn’t sure what content she could trust or what she should do first.

After three decades of training folks like Maya in herbal and nature skills, I discovered that in order to learn herbal medicine, you need these 3 ingredients…

HerbMentor blends all 3 ingredients with the secret spice that makes learning fun… adventure!

Since 2007, HerbMentor has successfully helped tens of thousands of people like you lead more meaningful and healthier lives.

All you need to get started is a little curiosity…

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How HerbMentor Works
Newer to herbs or want to learn a core skill?
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Remedy making, harvesting wild plants, plant identification, herb gardening, and learning the medicine that grows in your backyard...

When you get into herbs, you realize there are a lot of skills to learn. On HerbMentor, you can take time to integrate these skills as there are no deadlines.

You’ll soon be making tincture with roots that you dig up in your own garden or syrup with berries that you gather on the trail.

Ready to dig deeper with world-renowned herbalists?
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HerbMentor’s “podcast” style courses cover food as medicine, herb energetics, natural remedies for stress, staying healthy with the seasons, and more. You can listen while you garden or watch while you have a few extra minutes in your busy day.

Our courses, plant walks, class videos, in-depth interviews, and huge remedy database bring you the world’s most beloved and knowledgeable teachers.

Want to look something up?
Say you want to learn about dandelions...

Our Plant Profiles are more in-depth than books. After reading about dandelion, a simple search will bring up plant walks and recipes like dandelion pesto, lemonade, fritters, cookies, or chai.

Over 15 years of well-researched plant monographs and references make HerbMentor the most complete and well-curated herbal education site. We’ve even won awards!

Need help?
Can you imagine learning something you’re passionate about without having any help?

Anytime you have a question about an herb, a plant you found on a hike, or are wondering the best way to to make calendula oil, just ask. Set goals, share wins, and learn by helping others. Best of all, you keep continued access to your community.

There is no “Point A to Point B” when learning about herbs...
so we made you a map...

This fun “garden map” customizes your HerbMentor journey based on your experience and what you’re interested in. On HerbMentor, you’ll no longer feel lost, overwhelmed, or stuck when learning about herbal medicine.

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Stories From Our Community
Since 2007, HerbMentor has transformed the lives of many budding herbalists.

We wanted to hear their incredible stories, so we hit the road…

Since 2007, HerbMentor has transformed the lives of many budding herbalists.

We wanted to hear their incredible stories, so we hit the road…

Is HerbMentor for you?
Everyone is Welcome on HerbMentor!

If you’re a beginner, we’ll give you the perfect framework to start your adventure.

If you are a little further down the path or even enrolled in a program, we’ll help you get the most out of HerbMentor.

HerbMentor is a safe and inclusive learning environment for everyone.

My herbal apprenticeship cost me thousands of dollars a year, and that was back in 1999.

HerbMentor costs less per month than premium video streaming services… for quality courses, reliable references, and a supportive community.

Since you can try HerbMentor for $1, why not check it out?

HerbMentor works on any internet connected device. On mobile, it works like an app right in your browser.

Leave behind the endless browser bookmarks and join us on HerbMentor, your new home for herbal education.

See you in our community!

John Gallagher
LearningHerbs co-founder and creator of HerbMentor

PS- We want to support your dream of being a home herbalist, clinician, business owner, or whatever is down your herbal path.

HerbMentor is fully customizable to your experience level and perfect for new learners. It works great on all internet connected devices.

Join us on HerbMentor, your complete herbal learning system and community...
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