A burn remedy in the Potato. Honey too!

I bet you never though of the potato or honey as a burn remedy.

Herbs are excellent for first aid. I take care of virtually every first aid situation that comes up in my family with the herbal potions and salves that I have made.

I teach you how to make your own salve and first aid remedies in the Herbal Remedy Kit.

However, did you know that there is a first aid friend in the potato? (As my 5 year old would say…”That’s a rhyme!” Yes, it is a great burn remedy.

About burns
These treatments are for minor burns or sunburn. For burns that effect a large area or for more serious burns, seek medical attention.

If you have a minor burn, make sure you get cold running water on it immediately. If it is not clean, make sure you clean out the burn with cold running water.

THEN, peel and slice or peel and grate a potato.

Apply the potato onto the affected area. Keep replacing it as needed. At some point, you may need to hold it on with a bandage or gauze.

This mass of grated potato you are using is called a poultice. Now you know that a poultice is a mass of plant matter that you apply to an affected area in a first aid situation. You see this term a lot in herbal books.

Potato is excellent for drawing out the heat.

Other uses for potatoes: Itch relief, a poultice for sties

Perhaps the most ironic thing would be getting burned making french fries. Then you could treat the burn with your left over raw potatoes!

Another minor burn remedy: your honey!

Once you are finished using your potato, protect and heal the burn by simply applying honey to it. Wrap in a sterile bandage. Honey has soooo many uses that there are entire books written about it. We’ll use honey again tomorrow!

Myrl Evans of Harvey, Louisiana recently wrote me.

Myrl writes about honey:
I was bitten by a pitt bull last Summer. I went to the doctor, got a tetnus shot and a prescription for $150.00 threw it away.

I went home found my info on honey and washed the wound and used the honey as a dressing for a week.

Today you can barely see where I was bit. You can put tea tree oil in with the honey and it heals faster. I am a firm believer in using honey as a dressing, food, facial moisturizer. I also mix honey and cinnamon and put it on toast instead of using butter or margarine.

Another idea: you can also wrap a burn in bandages soaked in apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is yet another supermarket herbal remedy that has a myriad of uses. In fact, I own a book called “Honey, garlic, and vinegar.”

Which herbs & remedies should you always stock in your kitchen?

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