Dandelion Recipe: Lemonade

We have been having some hot spring days here in Washington this past week or so, and luckily there have still been some dandelions in full bloom. This has allowed us to enjoy a wonderful hot weather treat… dandelion lemonade. We love this dandelion recipe.

To make this dandelion recipe you get to spend a few minutes outside in the sunshine in your favorite dandelion patch gathering fresh dandelion blossoms.

You’ll need about 2 quarts of flowers to make a gallon of lemonade in this dandelion recipe.

Bring the flowers inside and place them in a gallon jar.

Fill the jar with room temperature water and add the juice of 4 lemons.

Add fresh honey to taste, and chill.

You can strain the flowers out after a few hours or just leave them to fall into the glasses when you serve the lemonade.

Dandelion blossoms steeped as tea can help relieve headaches, menstrual cramps, backaches, stomach aches and even depression.

So, not only will this dandelion recipe be a tasty treat, it will be another way to access the healing properties of these beautiful sunny yellow flowers.

Save a glass or two for the rainy spring days that inevitably follow the hot sunny ones, and perhaps you will find your spirits lifted as you drink.

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