Natural Home Bee Sting Remedy

Here is what I recommend for a natural bee sting remedy and wasp sting remedy.

For most of us, bee stings aren’t a big deal. However, for some they are fatal. Seek IMMEDIATE medical attention of the person’s tongue swells, has difficultly breathing, you observe a sudden rash, or the person complains of nausea or blurred vision.

If a person is allergic, make sure you check to see if they have a special “pen” that injects epinephrine. It helps dilate their airways.

Basically you have three things to do for most people when they get a sting…

  1. Extract the sting
  2. Cleans the wound
  3. Find relief

My ALL TIME FAVORITE bee sting remedy and wasp sting remedy that works like a charm.

Here is one of those natural home remedies that I said “yeah, right!” the first time I heard it. But, after 15 years of using this remedy on myself and others, I swear by it.

Believe it or not, the answer is all around you.

The plant is plantain. (Plantago major (broad leaf) and Plantago lanceolata (long leafed or English plantain) ) This is a common “weed” found anywhere where soil has been disturbed. You’ll recognize it growing in the cracks of your neighborhood sidewalks.