HerbMentor Radio: Anna Rósa Grasalæknir, Herbalism for Refugees

Anna Rósa Grasalæknir had been following the refugee crisis in Iraq for quite some time when she started to wonder, “Would the refugee women in these camps like to take herbal classes?”

This question kickstarted a journey that took her from her native Iceland to the Kurdistan Region of Iraq where she taught classes on making ointments with local herbs. The classes were a hit, and she was able to partner with a local woman, Eman, to teach hundreds of women in the camps.

These classes have now become the organization Helping Herbs, in which Anna Rósa draws on her thirty years of experience to teach women how to make herbal products.

In our conversation with Anna Rósa, she shares…

  • How she founded Helping Herbs
  • Important lessons she’s learned along the way
  • How anyone can make a difference in their own community
  • Her favorite herbs to work with
  • And so much more!

You can learn more about Anna Rósa Grasalæknir and check out Helping Herbs here.

Plus, if you’re interested in supporting Helping Herbs and also want to learn more about herbs yourself, you can take Anna Rósa’s class “The Healing Power of Icelandic Herbs.” All of the proceeds of this course support Helping Herbs, and by taking the course you’ll learn all about powerful Icelandic herbs that may also grow near you — like yarrow and willow! Use code learningherbs for 30% off the course.

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