HerbMentor Radio: Elise & Jeff Higley,
From Home Garden to Major Herb Farm

Elise and Jeff Higley’s herb farm was born out of a simple need: they wanted high quality herbs for the teas they loved to drink everyday. So, combining Elises’s passion for herbalism and Jeff’s passion for farming, they started to grow herbs in their own backyard.

But they didn’t stop there! In spite of the many odds stacked against U.S. herb farmers (which Elise and Jeff detail in this episode, by the way), they managed to start Oshala Farm and scale it to over 80 crops per year.

So whether you’re already growing lots of herbs or are itching to start an herb garden, you’ll want to tune in and hear all Elise and Jeff’s herbal wisdom.

In our conversation with Jeff and Elise they share….

  • The key to successfully growing herbs at home
  • Practical steps for starting your own herb farm
  • Why there are so few herb farms in the U.S.
  • How to run a profitable herbal business
  • And so much more!

Learn more about Elise and Jeff Higley and check out Oshala Farm’s beautiful herbs at oshalafarm.com.


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