HerbMentor Radio: Dr. Keren Dolan,
Functional Nutrition Meets Herbalism

Dr. Keren Dolan is a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition, Registered Herbalist with the American Herbalists Guild, and Holistic Aromatherapist. Emphasizing integrative Functional Nutrition, her goal as a clinician is promoting wellness and resilience through advanced nutritional strategies and targeted botanical interventions.

So, we didn’t exactly make this conversation easy for Dr. Dolan — knowing that she had such an extensive background in clinical nutrition, herbalism, and aromatherapy, we couldn’t help but ask her some pretty big questions…

  • How can we weave nutrition and herbalism together?
  • What does “nourishment” actually mean?
  • And what is aromatherapy?

Dr. Dolan graciously answered all of our questions and more, and we sure learned a lot along the way, such as…

  • How to weave deep nourishment into our everyday lives
  • How the scientific concept of hormesis can help us find the sweet spot for herbal dosages
  • How probiotics works… and so much more!

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