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Most people think if you are near someone who has a cold or you touch something a sick person touches, you’re automatically going to catch a cold.

They also believe that the object of treating a cold is to suppress the sneezing and coughing. To do this, they pay a lot of money for medicines that aren’t really helping their condition.

People don’t just “catch” colds. The cold virus is around us all the time. Most of the time when you are around people who have a cold, you don’t catch it. Why is that? Because during those times your immune system is functioning properly.

What is happening when I catch a cold?
When you actually “catch a cold,” your immune system is not functioning as well as it could. If your immune system is low, the possibility of the cold virus getting a foothold in your body increases.

The symptoms you feel are not the virus. The sneezing, aching and coughing are signs that your immune system is fighting the virus. If these symptoms are helping your body rid the virus, why then would someone want to fully suppress them?

What can cause my immune system to not function well?
There are many people out there who want to believe there is a silver bullet for every illness. They also want to blame every illness on a single culprit. They love to pass the responsibility of an illness onto something else, such as a virus, than to take responsibility for it themselves. However, I know that’s not you, otherwise you wouldn’t be taking the time to read this.

The blame can not be taken on the cold virus itself.

Ask yourself. Am I…

  • stressed or overworked?
  • getting enough sleep?
  • eating well?
  • exercising enough?
  • resting or taking time for myself?
  • Exposing myself to too many negative influences, such as the media or negative people?
  • doing what I enjoy in life?

..and the list goes on. Most of the list above are things we all need to ask ourselves regularly.

Other factors that can lower our immune system are airline travel, emotional extremes, poor air quality, perscription drugs and antibiotic therapy. Anibiotics are not effective against viruses.

The point is when we’re down, depressed or stressed, our immune system lowers.

I can help you with some pointers of what to do when you feel a cold or flu is upon you with these cold home remedies…

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