Home Remedy for the Flu

To really get a good sense of our home remedy for the flu, please make sure you read the Eight Simple Secrets to Treating a Cold Naturally.

However, there is one important home remedy for the flu that we did not post there since it was a more recent discovery.

Our first batch of this flu home remedy just finished, and it is HOT…literally.

So many people are concerned about the flu this time of year. Rightly so.

Did you know that this year’s flu vaccines are made from last year’s flu virus? Flu viruses adapt very quickly, and one can never be sure that a flu shot is really going to help.

So what can we do?

The best thing you can do for the flu is focus on building a healthy immune system. That is the best home remedy for the flu.

Concentrate on your diet.

To keep it simple, eat live foods like miso. Like I said, review the Eight Simple Secret to Treating a Cold Naturally. There is a wealth of information there.

Recipes like this immune building soup are invaluable. We make soups like this all the time. Kimberly and I drink chicken broth with miso most mornings.

Herbally, get to know herbs like astragalus. Add it to your soups. Cook it into your rice. It is a root that usually comes dried in pieces that look like tongue depressors. Just take them out after the rice is cooked or soup is made.

Adding to the Eight Simple Secrets, I would like to share this vinegar we just made for the first time.

It’s a great home remedy for the flu.

We’ll call it Flu Buster Vinegar!

This is REALLY simple. You can get all these ingredients at the corner market.

All I did was grab a couple onions, a bulb of garlic (yes, the entire bulb), a few jalapeño peppers, and an entire piece of ginger.

These are all immune building or stimulating herbs.

I also bought some organic apple cider vinegar (raw from the “mother”; available at all natural foods grocers and health food stores).

I chopped up the herbs, stuffed them into a quart mason jar, then filled the jar with the vinegar.

Vinegar can corrode metal lids. If you do not have a plastic lid, put a piece of plastic (like from a plastic bag) over the mouth, then screw your metal lid on.

Shake it every day for 6 weeks (for 10 seconds). You might need to top it off the first few days with some more vinegar.

After 6 weeks, open it up and strain it out.

Compost the plant material and bottle the vinegar.

Not only is a great home remedy for the flu, it’s great for colds, sore throats, and achy bones.

If it is too strong for ye, then dilute in some water and drink.

Take as much as you feel you need. This natural flu remedy is all food, so you can’t take too much. Well, I guess if you feel irritated in any way, that’s too much.

For those who need a guideline, take a tablespoon every hour while you have the flu. You could even take it once a day when you don’t have the flu for prevention.

Try putting it in salad dressings or other recipes as well. Doing this is an awesome reminder to us all that our food is our medicine.

See! I told you making herbal remedies was easy.

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