homemade holiday gifts

10 (More!) Homemade Holiday Gifts

Homemade holiday gifts are fun to make and receive. And if you’re herbally inclined, what a wonderful opportunity to share the joy of herbs with your loved ones!

We previously shared 10 Homemade Gift Ideas, and it doesn’t stop there. Here are 10 more herbal gifts to delight your friends and family…

1. Grapefruit Bitters

Grapefruit Bitters

Homemade bitters are the perfect gift for foodies and cocktail lovers. This Grapefruit Bitters recipe combines the pleasant flavor of grapefruit with sweet and aromatic star anise.

2. Homemade Mustard

Make Your Own Mustard

Making your own Homemade Mustard is really simple and inexpensive. Using this recipe you can create many different herbal varieties to suit the people on your gift list.

3. Real Marshmallows

homemade holiday gifts

Know someone with a sweet tooth? Make them real Marshmallows with Marshmallow Root! These would be awesome in a DIY hot cocoa or s’mores kit.

4. Chocolate Truffles


For the dark chocolate lover, there’s no better gift than Herbal Dark Chocolate Truffles. The flavor possibilities are endless – try rose, orange, coconut, lavender, Earl Grey tea, and more.

5. Turmeric Scarves

Turmeric Scarves

Hand dyed scarves make wonderful gifts, and recipients will love the beautiful golden color of these handmade Turmeric Scarves.

6. Herbal Sea Salt Scrub

Dry Skin Remedy

Looking for a gift you can make in just minutes? This Herbal Sea Salt Scrub can easily be customized with various herbs. Try chamomile for relaxation, rose petals for dry skin, or mint for refreshment.

7. Herbal Soap

homemade holiday gifts

Check out our friend CC’s tutorial on How to Make Soap, which you can scent with lavender or other herbs of your choice. This is the most luscious soap we’ve ever used!

8. Lavender Eye Pillow

homemade holiday gifts

A Lavender Eye Pillow is simple to make, yet luxurious to receive. You can also add herbs such as chamomile for relaxation, wormwood for vivid dreams, or sage for clearing sinuses.

9. Herbal Bath Salts

Bath Salts

Here’s a gift for the bath lover on your list. Make your own special blend of Bath Salts using herbs like soothing calendula or reviving rosemary.

10. Potpourri and Herbal Sachets


Potpourri and Herbal Sachets are fun handmade gifts to make with children. Kids love exploring the scents and colors of different herbs and creating blends to share with loved ones!

homemade holiday gifts

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