Natural Remedies for Sinus Infections

Sinus infections are easy thing to prevent and treat naturally.

If you find yourself prone to them, using a neti pot regularly is the number one home remedy for sinus infections. This link also contains instructions on how to use it. They are a great natural remedy for sinus infections.

If you do not get sinus infections regularly, then having a neti pot on hand is still a REALLY important part of treating a stuffy nose when you are sick. It’s also for treating a sinus infection should you get one. Using a neti pot helps keep your nasal passages healthy with all the pollution, pollen, dust and other irritants in the air.

By the way, the non-iodized salt you have in your kitchen is all you need to use in it.

You have an ally in the Grapefruit.

If you have a sinus infection, you SURELY want to add a few drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract, or GSE to the neti pot. It’s a sinus herbal remedy. However, when you do this, only use the GSE in the neti pot with warm water.

GSE is the most powerful herbal antibiotic. It is really potent, so you have to make sure you dilute it.S

If you do not have a neti pot, simple dilute GSE in warm water and put it in a nasal sprayer or spray bottle. Then, spray it up your nose every hour or so until symptoms start to subside. You’ll soon have sinus infection relief.

GSE is effective against so many microorganisms it’s unbelievable.

You can use grapefruit seed extract for all sorts of infections, skin conditions, pet remedies, household cleaning, food born illness, diarrhea, and lots more.

You can buy grapefruit seed extract at most health food stores or natural food co-ops.

REMEMBER, if you have a sinus infection, keep up the Eight Secrets to Treating a Cold Naturally.

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