How to Make Herbal Honey with Wild Roses

Lessons from Wild Rose, plus a Delicious Treat – During the month of June, my valley is filled with pink wild roses. This is one of my favorite times of year! I can hardly believe that a plant so beautiful and so fragrant grows so freely all around me. While roses have been adored for their beauty for thousands of years, they are more than a pretty face and scent…

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Prunella grandiflora

Supporting Healthy Skin with Self Heal Serum

Self Heal Serum, made with Prunella vulgaris, protects your skin from sun damage. Self heal serum can also be used to hydrate and rejuvenate your skin. I chose the essential oils in this recipe, not only for their amazing scents, but also because of their strong affinity for the skin. All of these essential oils are used for healing the skin and have shown strong antioxidant activity in clinical practice and in vitro studies.


Fermented Dandelion Stems Recipe

Fermentation is a way to preserve vegetables while increasing the nutrients in your food. Vegetable fermentation is a form of lacto-fermentation that adds beneficial bacteria to your diet which can be very supportive for digestion. Dandelions are easily one of our most nutritious spring edibles. They are high in Vitamin C, phosphorous and beta-carotene.


How to Make Arnica Ointment

Whether it’s bumps, bruises, sprains, strains, or just general aches and pains, everyone hurts sometime. We’ve long been told that ice and anti-inflammatories are the answer to our injuries but there is an increasing amount of evidence showing that these common interventions actually inhibit your body’s ability to heal. The result is a longer healing time and an increased likelihood of chronic problems.


Chili Spiced Homemade Olive Oil

In the past several decades olive oil has repeatedly made the headlines with study after study showing its health benefits. It is most widely heralded for its healthy heart benefits and certain constituents of olive oil are now being studied for their ability to fight cancer.


Tea Blend Recipes for Gift Giving

All the different teas such as black tea, green tea, pu’erh tea and white tea come from the same evergreen tree, Camellia sinensis. Each of these teas is processed differently to achieve the different types. Harvesting, processing and even making tea has evolved for thousands of years and is considered a high art form…


Healthy Heart Tapenade Recipe

I went crazy for tapenades while I was in France this spring. Tapenades are a staple hors d’oeuvres or snack. The basic ingredients are olives, olive oil, garlic, capers, anchovies and lots of herbs. This is whipped up into a spread and can be enjoyed on bread, crackers, meats and veggies.


Digestive Bitters & Grapefruit Bitters Recipe

Each holiday season we share weekly newsletters to inspire you to use herbs and spices in your holiday cooking, for your holiday gifts, and for your health and well-being. This year all of my recipes were inspired by my six-week trip to France and Iceland earlier this spring. I am really looking forward to sharing these goodies with you! Our first recipe is a digestive bitters blend made with grapefruit and herbs and spices.

Whole Food Vitamin C Pills

Make Your Own Whole Food Vitamin C Pills with Herbs

Vitamin C is commonly used as a supplement to support immune system health. However, while supplementation is sometimes necessary, it’s almost always better to get our nutrients from whole food sources. This recipe is about making your own whole food Vitamin C Pills from herbs. These little pills are not only high in Vitamin C but also high in a plethora of important antioxidants and nutrients that work in synergy with the vitamin C.

Travel First Aid Kit

Herbal Travel First Aid Kit

This spring I had the pleasure of spending six weeks in France and Iceland. It was an amazing trip! I wish I could sit you all down and show you hours worth of photos I took along the way… but I have a feeling that could put many of you to sleep. So instead I thought I would be more practical and share my herbal first aid kit with you all.


Parsley Tabbouleh Recipe

Parsley often gets overlooked as a simple dinner condiment – something to add to a dish to make it more visually appealing – but this herb is actually an amazing medicinal plant. Not only is it high in important nutrients like Vitamin C, folate and Vitamin A, it also helps to support healthy digestion so you can get the most out of the foods you eat!