HerbMentor Radio: Rosemary Gladstar & Susan Leopold, Come for the Plants, Stay for the Party

Come for the plants, stay for the party — this is the slogan for the International Herb Symposium, and organizers Rosemary Gladstar and Susan Leopold certainly brought the party to HerbMentor Radio. In this episode, they answer questions like “How do I find my herbal community?” and “What does every beginning herbalist need to know about the plants?”

HerbMentor Radio: Dr. Keren Dolan,
Functional Nutrition Meets Herbalism

From falling in love with essential oils at the mall as a teenager to studying probiotic strains as a Functional Nutritionist, Dr. Keren Dolan’s holistic herbal path weaves the joy, community care, and science of herbalism all into one. In this episode Dr. Dolan draws on her Functional approach to answer questions like “How do probiotics work?” and “What exactly is an essential oil?”