Dandelion Recipe: Lemonade

Dandelions aren’t just weeds: they can also be a delicious addition to your meals! Check out this tasty dandelion recipe and enjoy the benefits of dandelion flowers.

How to Strain Tinctures

How to Strain Tinctures: 2 Easy Ways

So you’ve made an herbal tincture. Your flowers, leaves, roots, or other herbs have been macerating in a jar for several weeks, infusing the alcohol with their medicine. Now it’s time to strain out the plant matter. What’s the best method? We have two simple ways to show you how to strain tinctures.

how to make lotion

How to Make Lotion with Herbal Ingredients

Making an herbal lotion at home is a wonderful way to nourish dry skin and add more herbal goodness to your daily skincare routine. Here’s how to easily make lotion in your own kitchen.